Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Marshall Family Update

I can hardly believe that it has been over 10 months already since the boys were born and over 7 months since they came home!! I figured it's time for an update! Dax- is a DIVA!!! He is crawling EVERYWHERE and this little man knows what he wants and he knows how to get it from mommy and daddy and even big brother Athan! He has developed this shrill cry that he knows we have a hard time with and he pushes it to a higher pitch the more frustrated he becomes. Think offspring of a Howler monkey and a vulcher and that is about how it sounds. He just started, at Grandma Millett's insistence, trying to say Dada. He has gotten "da" but no repetition yet. He'll be talking our ear off before we know it and telling stories about flying pigs that are blue that he saw at grandma and Pa Marshalls house after they fed him blue mushrooms that tasted like peanut butter and jelly (this is an actual story that Athan claims happened...) We have an appointment with Shriners hospital tomorrow to get his spine x-rayed to make sure it is growing straight. This will be an ongoing thing until he stops growing (18yrs??). X-rays and specialists and some yummy raw food in Sacramento are in store! He also recently saw a pediatric urologist and there is a chance he may have a hernia and possibly a dual hernia. blargh... basically all babies in utero have hernias and generally normal births close up. Given that Dax's birth was far from normal, his didn't close up properly. We are waiting to see if there is fluid trapped (which will eventually be reabsorbed by his body) or if it is a full fledged hernia... Trevyn - is the easiest little sweet heart ever! He smiles with little to no convincing and he is happy just exploring the toys and textures around him. Give him a full belly and a clean diaper and he is good to go! He is starting to get the idea of crawling but hasn't quite figured out the coordination yet. I give him a week before we lose him in the house somewhere. kidding! I hope... : / Trevyn's blood pressure is still elevated and we still have him on meds. At this point we still have no idea why it is high and are just keeping our fingers crossed that he outgrows it. We have ruled out all the things that are easy to rule out with simple scans and exams. Further searching for an answer can become more dangerous to his health than just waiting it out, controlling it with meds and hoping it resolves... I am hoping it is a thing of the past before 6 months from now!!! Athan - Is such a wonderful big brother. He tells them he loves them all the time, lets us know when they need milk, dances with them and gives plenty of hugs and kisses. Dax and Trev really look up to him and he can make them laugh like Matt and I can't! His knee is quickly becoming a thing of the past. He had a few bad behavioral days a few weeks back but otherwise he is a very well behaved child (please, someone tell me if I am delusional??) He loves to go to airports and parks and was born to swim! We are considering gymnastics for him as well. He is completely mostly potty trained during the day time. He occasionally has accidents and justifies it by saying "I just go a little bit pee pee, Mama!" Moomy and Daddy - We're still alive!!! I look forward to the day when we both get a full nights sleep and can kick each other in bed for snoring again! Oh, the simple things...

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