Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Rollercoaster Continues!

I got a nice cuddle with both of my little ones today. Always makes my heart smile when I see how strong and inspirational they are! I can't wait for the day when I can cuddle with both of them at the same time! That day is probably not far off too!

Daxton Update

Now that Dax is off the ventilator, he seems to be breezing through everything! He has been off for almost 3 days now and on the high flow nasal cannula. With the cannula, there are 2 main settings to control, the O2 level of the air and the pressure (L/hr). Dax started out at 5L/hr when he first came off the vent and is now down to 3L/hr with anywhere from 21%-28% O2. So proud of him! The ventilator actually goes through his vocal cords so he cannot make noise while on it. Consequently, it can also damage the vocal cords. Until today I had yet to hear Dax's little voice, but I finally got a little angry growl/wine out of him. It was so sweet! The nurse told me that he has made plenty of noise while I'm not around and his vocal cords are no worse for wear after being on the vent. Yay!

Trevyn Update

Trev is continuing to do well. He has been at 2.5L/hr flow on his nasal cannula with anywhere from 25%-32% O2 for a while and seems to be just fine at that point. Since the boys blood vessels in the brain are so fragile when they are so young, the Dr's order head sonograms periodically to check for any brain bleeds. A few weeks ago, one of the head sonograms showed that one of Trev's ventricles was slightly larger than the other. Nothing too be concerned with immediately but something to keep an eye on. Well, a few days ago, they did a follow-up sono and found the ventricle was a little larger than before. There is no blood around it however,
which is a good thing but it could potentially indicate that there was a brain bleed at some point that went undetected. So, the Dr. ordered an MRI which Trev got to go on a field trip out of the NICU for today. We should know the results tomorrow and hopefully it turns out to be nothing!!!

Tomorrow would have marked the 32 weeks gestation point! Time flies! Here are some new pictures from today of the boys with their ducky and teddy. Remember, Dax is with the Duck and Trev with the Teddy.

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