Thursday, August 11, 2011

They're growing so fast, before we know it they are going to be "newborns" graduating from the NICU!

I got to hold both of the boys together for the first time today!

The boys are getting huge! As of 8/10 Daxton weighed in at 3lb, 6.4oz and Trev at 3lb, 4.4oz. It is interesting to look at them now and think, "My goodness, they are getting soooo big!" Then I think about it and realize that they are still so tiny and less than half the size Athan was at birth (7lb, 3oz.)

Trevyn Update

Last I updated, Trev was getting an MRI for an enlarged ventricle. I am very happy to report that the MRI came back showing that everything is normal!!! While his left ventricle is larger than the right, they are both still within normal parameters and of no concern, though we will still continue to monitor it in the upcoming head ultrasounds. That being said, I looked up some information about people who are dominant with the left side of their brain and found this...

Yesterday in the early morning the Dr. took Trev off of the Oxygen... completely! It was quite exciting! My sweet little boy did so well for so long. However, by about 5am this morning he decided he was a little tired of doing all the breathing work on his own and they needed to give him the nasal cannula once more to keep his O2 saturation levels good. We will try again in a few days.
And now I will leave you with a video of Dax enjoying his zoogie (pacifier)!!!

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