Friday, July 15, 2011

29 weeks gestational age!

So, the boys gestational age is 29 weeks today! Yay! I can't believe it's already been 17 days and yet so much has happened that I can't believe it's only been 17 days at the same time.

Athan and I took a trip to the chocolate store yesterday and he wanted to send chocolates to his brothers'. I convinced him that it would be best to send them to the nurses instead. They were received quite well! We finally got a picture of Big Brother printed and posted in the boys' isolettes as well. We went for a simple picture of Athan showing his sweet side.

Matt and I got to the hospital after my mom picked up Atahn (Thanks so much for all the help Mom! Matt's parents too!) As we were washing our hands, an echocardiogram tech came in and we heard him say " Is it the Marshall baby or the *insert some other last name* baby for the PDA?" Can you say confidentiality FAIL??? Now, the confidentiality of what exactly is going on medically with my baby is not my first priority. However, I would like to get my updates from my babies bedside while talking to their nurse or Dr. Not from the hallway in the entrance area from some tech with a loud mouth. Irritating!!!

Anyhow... As I mentioned back in this post their is a potential for a duct in their heart to remain open after birth. A sign that a duct is open or has reopened is the sound of a murmur when the nurse/Dr. listens to their heart. Since a few days after the boys were born, we heard no murmurs. However, yesterday morning, Trevyn's nurse heard a murmur and the Dr. confirmed it. Thus, they needed Mr. loudmouth tech to come check it out. The echo did confirm that Trev's ductus had reopened to a moderate size. : ( This just sometimes happens unfortunately. The Dr. is trying to get it to reclose on it's own with a few changes to Trev's current care. First off, both boys are now getting 14cc's of breast milk (yay!!!) which is enough nutrition for their weight that the Dr. was able to take Trev off of the TPN (total peripheral nutrition) IV. Sometimes the increased fluid can cause the ductus to reopen and removing that extra fluid can help it to close again. Then we took a step back in the respiratory department and went back to the nCPAP machine. This machine gives a bit more pressure into the lungs thus expanding them more and subsequently putting more pressure on the heart hopefully helping the ductus close. Fingers crossed that this will work! I do not want to have to resort to drugs and definitely not surgery to get this thing closed!

((UPDATE since writing this part: They have decided to start Trev on Indocid which is the medicine to help treat the PDA. He will be done with the treatment in about 36 hours and we will do another endocardiogram then with hopes that the PDA has closed.))

As for Dax, he is chugging along same as usual. We still have the ventilator in and he is still being stubborn about weaning off of it. He has the ventilator set to give him at least 32 breaths per minute and air that is 26-30% Oxygen depending on how he is doing. Normal room air is about 21% O2. When they try and lower the number of breaths he takes, he has been typically D-saturating (O2 levels in blood drop). Otherwise he seems to be hanging in there with no major ups or downs for now.

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