Monday, July 18, 2011

Good News!

Lot's of good things going on in the past few days!

First off, Dax is off the ventilator! Wahoo! And it's official, Dax is a little Matt clone!
He has been off the ventilator for 2 days now and so far is doing well though his O2 saturation
is a little all over the place (to be expected). His CO2 and blood pH have both been good so far. It is like looking at a whole new baby now. We finally got to see his mouth which we hadn't gotten a look at because of the ventilator equipment. So cute! He looks so much more comfortable now too. With the ventilator he always used to scrunch his eyes and wrinkle his forehead with a look of discomfort. Since the ventilator was removed, I haven't seen that anymore. I was even there when they did a heal prick (similar to the finger prick they do to check you for anemia when you donate blood) and he didn't even flinch!

Trev got his last dose of the Indocid for the open duct in his heart at 5pm on Saturday and they did a follow up ECHO yesterday and it was closed! Yay! Now it has to stay closed this time!

Matt finally got a chance to hold Trev on Saturday as well! Trev really enjoys being held and behaved himself quite nicely.
Yesterday, I got to hold Dax again! But this time I actually got to hold him. As in hold my baby,
not hold 10 blankets with my baby inside of them. It was wonderful! However, Dax generally does not like to be bugged and his O2 Saturation did not stay steady enough while I was holding him so he had to go back into his little bed pretty quickly.
We've heard Trev's sweet little cry quite a few times now. It was hard the first few times to hear it because he was crying due to pain (a needle poke or tape being removed). However, he is showing us his demanding little personality a bit more now! He has been getting fed breast milk through a tube for quite a few days now and when he was being treated with Indocid they had to hold his feedings for 36 hours. He has a little pacifier, not only to comfort him, but to keep the O2 from his CPAP machine actually in his lungs instead of going in his nose and then straight out his mouth. Well, the other day his O2 saturation was a bit low and he was, of course, catching flies again. So, I found his pacifier and tried putting it in his mouth and he kept pushing it out. I didn't want to keep bugging him with it so I stopped trying. Then he got mad and started crying! He wanted his pacifier back! I gave it to him and was very happy to accept it because he was hungry!!!!

The weights are in! Dax is now weighing in at 2lb, 3 oz. and Trev at 2lb, 1 oz. They're going to be chubby little babies before we know it!

On an Athan note, he is definitely a 2 year old! His letter magnets have been disappearing over the past 24 hours. This morning Matt found them all! Stuffed in the vent under the refrigerator!! Silly boy!

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  1. It's so good to read this update! And it's so good they're putting on weight. I tell you, your lil boys (all 3 of them) are going to grow so fast, especially since they are loved oh so very much by you and Matt.
    I'll continue to pray for your precious little ones as they continue to get stronger.