Monday, July 4, 2011

The Birth Story - part 1

Here is my attempt to recount the 48 hours that led up to Dax and Trev's birth. I was in the hospital on at least 10 different drugs, extremely sleep deprived and not to mention, a little stressed. Therefore, the details are a bit fuzzy... we'll see what I can do!

I suppose it all starts with a little information on the birth of Big Brother Athan. With Athan, I never felt Braxton-Hicks contractions or early labor. At 5 days past due I woke up at 1230am with severe intense pains that quickly become more frequent, more severe and more intense. I was at the hospital within 2 hours of waking up and had dilated to 6cm, then quickly to 8 after that. Then, the dilation stopped and Athan never dropp
ed resulting in a c-section.

Because my only experience with labor was intense, quick and sever pain, I had no idea what early labor felt like. I just expected if I were going into labor, I would know it! It would hurt! A lot!

Fast forward 2 years... Athan's 2nd birthday. I spent a few hours the night before making snacks and getting things ready. We woke up and thing
s were going as planned. Though I did question Matt as to why the most uncomfortable day of my pregnancy to date had to be Athan's Birthday?? I kept feeling a really uncomfortable pressure on my bladder that felt like one of the twins was situated in a way that kept pressing on it. I chalked it up to that as I felt no pain and just discomfort, commonplace during pregnancy.

We went to Whiskeytown Lake and had a great day with family enjoying Athan's big #2!! Good food and good fun! Every once in a while one of those twins would give me that pressure on my bladder again, uncomfortable but not painful. "This is going to be a long pregnancy.." was what I thought to myself of the discomfort... ha... Then, it hit me... oh, these must be Braxton Hicks contractions! No regularity that I could find, no pain, didn't seem to be getting more intense... that's what they were! I was so relieved to discover why I kept feeling uncomfortable.

Athan's party drew to a close and we came home. Suddenly the discomfort began to turn into a slight pain... hmmm... I decided I better start timing these BH contractions to make sure there is not regularity. They varied anywhere from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. not really regular, but they were definitely concerning me by this point. Time to call the Dr.

At about 6pm I got the Dr. on call and explained what was happening and she said I better come in just to make sure it wasn't preterm labor. "Of course it's not" was what I thought as I drove myself to the hospital so Matt could stay home with Athan. We both figured I'd be home before midnight...

I got checked in to labor and delivery and just sat around for a bit. Until the Dr. and nurses got to me. They hooked up my belly to the monitors and the babies sounded great! Strong heartbeats and they were wiggling all over the place! good news! However, the node that monitored contractions was definitely coming up with pulses. These pulses gave no indication of whether or not they were BH or real contractions. Shortly after the Dr. came in to check what was happening. As she checked me and gave the report to the nurse she said "3cm dilated, soft cervix and bulging bag of water... I do not like this." That's when things got scary...

They immediately started fussing over me... I was put into Tren-delenburg, meaning my bed was angled downward so I was on my head, I was put on more IV drips than I can remember and they started poking me with needles, a lot!

The Dr. told me I would be admitted and I would stay there until my babies were born. "Yikes, I guess I'm going to be working from bed and on head for a few months..." was what I thought...

In all the commotion I finally found a chance to call Matt to tell him he needed to come to the hospital. It was the hardest thing to have to say that out loud to him and brought the whole situation to realization. I was terrified... but this was a good hospital with good medicine, good Dr's and good nurses. They had to be able to stop labor, right?

More to come later, time for breakfast...

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