Saturday, July 9, 2011


Just got home from visiting the boys with Matt and my parents. Victories for both boys in the last 24 hours!

Trevyn is now consuming about 5cc's of breat milk every 3 hours (we are working our way up to 18cc's). He is now off the ncpap (the one that supplemented his breaths) machine and down another step to a high flow nasal candula which is pretty similar to the kind of oxygen supplementing machine an adult would be on after having a surgery. So now we started on the ventilator, then to ncpap and now high flow nasal candula! Very good progress indeed! We can almost see his full face at one time now!

Dax is still currently on the ventilator but has made progress towards getting off of it. He was on an oscillating ventilator that gave him very rapid short breaths to help keep his alveoli open and O2 levels high. However, this machine didn't allow the CO2 to escape very well. Thy have changed it to a machine that mimics natural breaths now which has helped lower his CO2. We are now just working the settings on the ventilator down until they are confident enough that he won't have to be re-intubated.

Not sure why Dax's pic came up larger than Trev's... hmmm... will need to get a bigger one of Trev up soon.

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